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"The SquashFit Kit is a great tool for anyone keen to improve their Squash game. The drills are very squash focused and are similar to those used by Squash Professionals (such as myself) around the World"

Cameron Pilley
Professional Squash Player - World Ranking #15

"SquashFit is simply the best online Squash training program I have seen. These are the same drills I do on a weekly basis as part of my training routine. Recommend to any one interested in improving their squash!"

Martin Knight
Professional Squash Player - World Ranking #48



"The "SquashFIT" programme is ideal for those requiring squash specific fitness & movement. A distinct advantage is that participants can train at their pace but also benefit from group dynamics should they be training as a member of a group. The programme content & facilitation could not be faulted."
B2 grade
"I found the squash fit training great. As I have not been playing squash long, it was a good way to get fit and learn some of the basics at the same time. I really enjoyed the format, it allows you to push yourself to the limit to get more and more out of each session. Most importantly it was a lot of fun. The sessions were a great way to meet more people at my local club and a good way to start my day"
"SquashFit is a great tool for players and coaches. It has proved extremely useful in setting up group sessions in the club where I am based in the USA. It has proved very popular amongst kids and adults alike so has made my life a hell of a lot easier!"
Scott Devoy
Head Squash Coach – Merion Cricket Club, USA
"We used SquashFit as the fitness component of our team training programme. In the face of increasing pressure for available courts, we were able to get 8+ guys on 2 courts and run really comprehensive sessions. 3 months on and enthusiasm & participation is high!! SquashFit is a great tool to improve your game"
(B2) Auckland, New Zealand
"The best thing I could have done for my squash and responsible for climbing out of C2 to C1. This programme is one where you see tangible benefits very quickly. The programme is fantastic because you compete against yourself, it does not matter whether the other people in the programme are in your grade or not. The squash fitness drills improved my footwork and overcame my tendency to favour one leg. The improvements in my fitness significantly improved my on court performance, drawing comments from interclub teams I played"
"Thanks Callum, an awesome program, even if the first few weeks were pretty tuff!"


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