Tricep workout for squash players

Posted by on 8 April 2014 | 0 Comments

The tricep muscle development is going to be critical for your squash game because it's the primary muscle that will serve to follow through with each hit you make, increasing the power that you drive the ball towards the wall with.

If you have weak tricep muscles, you may still be able to get a relatively strong serve, but it'll never match someone who has more overall tricep strength.

So this said, which exercises will be most effective for strengthening the triceps?

We're going to turn to two isolation movements to achieve this goal as these exercises are the ones that will make sure that you are fully hitting the triceps alone. While you can work the triceps during shoulder and chest work, the total focus won't just be on them, so their strength gains may not be as great. When doing the following two exercises however, that won't be the case.

Tricep Press-Down

The first exercise is the tricep press down. This is an excellent movement for working the long and lateral head of the triceps and will really get you feeling the muscle working extensively.

As you press down, really think of squeezing the tricep muscle to do so. This will maximise the tension on the muscle, assuring optimal strength development.

Remember to keep the elbows locked into the side of the body as you perform the exercise as well, which will assure that you aren't calling momentum into play.

Tricep Overhead-Extension

The second tricep exercise that you'll want to consider adding is the tricep overhead extension. This exercise is going to be a good one for hitting all three heads of the tricep muscle and opposes the movement pattern of the press down above since you're now moving in the opposite direction.

Do this one holding one dumbbell with both hands directly overhead. Then lower it behind the head as low as you can go, bending at the elbows.

Try and maintain a smooth and controlled movement pattern the whole time you do this to avoid excess strain on the elbow joint.

So keep these two tricep exercises in mind as you add them to your workout routine. You only need to do one per session as they will work the tricep muscles effectively on their own, especially along with the other upper body work you're doing.

But by alternating between them as you go, you'll keep the muscles responding and getting stronger.

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