6 Squash Training Videos Worth Watching

Posted by on 20 July 2011 | 0 Comments

A great way to improve your squash is to watch how the pros do it. If possible, get along to a tournament as a spectator. Watching live squash is a good way to learn new tactics, and to see how squash is played at an advanced level. Even just watching the pennant matches at your local club can be beneficial.

If you can't attend any live squash matches, there are plenty of squash videos available on dvd and on the internet – both coaching videos and match videos.

A simple search on You Tube (youtube.com) will bring up lots of helpful videos to help you with your squash game. For starters, check out:

  1. England Squash and Racquetball channel
  2. The Squash Channel - Squash matches and exciting demonstrations
  3. Playlist of great squash rallies
  4. Science of coaching squash
  5. Squash lessons

Besides You Tube, there are plenty of other sites on the internet with good squash content. There are blogs by squash players and by squash fans, as well as coaching sites, squash fan pages, and sites that provide live streams of squash tournaments and highlights of classic squash rallies and matches. Check out these:

There are also squash apps for your iPhone and iPad! Check out the iTunes store for Touch Squash: World Championship 09 and Indoor Squash for iPhone and iPad, and Touch Squash for iPad. Good practice for the real thing!