Squash Training Routines for Groups

Posted by on 19 September 2011 | 0 Comments

Doing squash training routines in groups is a fantastic way to keep the fun and motivation levels high. Here are some suggestions for group training routines.

2 players on, 1 player off.

A simple 2-players-on, 1-player-off system is a great squash training routine to do in a group of 3 players. Play games of squash, and keep track of all the players’ game scores. 2 players play one game, then 1 player swaps with the player off the court. Continue rotating players after each game. In this way, each player gets 2 games on the court, then one game off for a rest period. The player who takes the most games is the winner!

Jog, then squash.

Meet up with your squash group 45 minutes before your squash court booking. Go for a 30 minute jog together around the neighbourhood. Challenge yourselves each week to travel a greater distance in the allotted 30 minutes. Aim for a good balance so you get enough out of the jog, without exhausting yourself for your squash game.

By going for a jog before your squash game, you’ll be all warmed up and ready to hit the squash court! You’ll really notice a difference coming on to the court really warm, rather than starting from cold or after only doing a few stretches/warm-up exercises.

4 players, 2 courts.

Get 4 players together and book 2 courts. Play sets of squash, swapping around the players every 20 minutes.  You’ll get to play 3 different players this way, rather than just playing against one person.

Alternatively, have sets being played on one court, while on the second court, the players do drills. Switch around every 15 minutes. This is a good mix of match practice and drilling practice.

Circuit training.

Set up some circuit training stations on the court. Each station should be done for 60 seconds, then swap. Continue for 20 minutes. A suggested circuit is:

Station 1. Drives down the backhand side wall.

Station 2. Sprints up and down the forehand wall.

Station 3. Rest station.

Station 4. Bouncing a squash ball on the racquet.

Station 5. Skipping.

Check out the SquashFit training and fitness program for more good ideas for squash training routines for groups.