Squash Tips for Beginners

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A team mate regularly used to have a full roast dinner right before our competition matches. I don’t know how his dinner didn’t come right back up as soon as he started the warm-up!

Squash tip number 1 is: Don’t eat right before a game. Try to leave at least 2 hours between a big meal and your squash game. Instead, just have something light before you play squash – such as a banana or a protein shake or protein bar. I favour a piece of toast, and then a couple of lolly snakes for energy.

Squash tip number 2: Wear proper squash shoes on the court at all times. You’ll notice a huge difference between wearing shoes designed for playing squash compared with regular runners. Squash shoes are specially designed for indoor court use – they have added stability, a durable sole, and good grip. You’ll have much better traction on the squash court, and you’ll be much less likely to roll your ankle.

Treat your squash shoes with respect. It might seem precious, but do keep your squash shoes for the squash court only. Wear other runners or flip-flops on your journey to and from the squash centre. Only put on your squash shoes when it is time for your squash game. This keeps them pristine – they won’t wear out as quickly, and they won’t get mud and dirt and gum all over them.

You really will see your squash game and your confidence improve with proper squash shoes.

Squash tip number 3: Keep hydrated. Squash is one of the most intense sports there is, so you must keep hydrated. Keep a bottle of water just outside the door of the squash court. Have a good sip or two between each game. After your match, have the rest of the bottle (if there’s any left), then have another whole bottle. This will go a long way to keeping your hydration levels up. 

Sports drinks like Powerade and Gatorade are okay while playing squash, but plain water is better. Maybe have a protein drink after your match to renew the energy you’ve expended during your squash game.

On a more technical note, Squash Tip Number 4 is: Watch the ball. Keep your eye on the squash ball at all times. There’s no point standing staring at the front wall of the squash court – you’ve no way then to know where your opponent is going to place the ball. “Watch the ball” should be your squash mantra.

A technical point again, Squash Tip Number 5 is: Get back to the T. The T-Zone that is. Always return to the T after playing a shot. It’s obvious of course, but so many players don’t do it. The T is the point on the squash court from which you have best access to all other areas of the court – front, back, and sides. It’s silly to stay at the back of the court after playing a shot – it’s just so much further then to make it to the front wall if your opponent plays a short shot. Same goes for if you play a shot up the front, then stay there – it’ll be pretty hard to make it down to the back of the court if your opponent does a lob or a long shot down the wall. If you’re on the T whenever possible, it also means you’ll be in front of your opponent and will be dominating the squash court – this is a power  position. The T is the place to be.

For more useful squash tips, check out the SquashFit training and fitness course.