Squash Serving Drills

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The serve is the only time in squash that you get the time and space to play exactly the shot you want to play. Take advantage of this. 

There are very few service aces in squash. The aim with the serve is to limit the angle so your opponent cannot easily hit the front wall with their return. Never angle the serve to travel toward the side wall at an acute angle, as that would bring it  well into the court enabling your opponent to make an easy return.  So getting the angle of the serve right is important.

A good serve is one that your opponent finds difficult to return and forces them out of position. The aim is to force your opponent onto the defensive. This gives you an early advantage in the rally.

Good serves rely on pace and accuracy. Variety is the key to preventing your opponent from anticipating your serve. Try to have a number of different serves to avoid your game being predictable. Vary a smash serve with a lob-serve or semi-lob serve.

When serving, be sure to keep one foot in the service box until your serve is completed (otherwise it’ll be a fault).

Remember to get to the T immediately you have served. You are then in a position to cover the court in the ensuing rally.

Here are a couple of drills for practising your serve.

Lob service practice

The lob serve should strike the side wall just short of the back wall and then roll close to the back wall so it is very difficult to hit. The serve should just lightly touch the side wall, not contact it hard.

Practice your forehand lob serve 20 times from the left service box. Now practice your forehand lob serve 20 times from the right service box.

Backhand serve practice

Doing a forehand serve from the forehand service box puts you at a disadvantage, as you have your back to your opponent and then you have to turn to get to the T. This issue can be avoided by using a backhand serve from the forehand service box. The backhand serve is a hard shot to play – you can really only do a lob – but it is good to have in your repertoire so you have a variety of service choices.

Practice your backhand serve in the forehand service box. Throw the ball clear of your body to enable you to make a full, unimpeded swing. Open the racket face and hit the ball from underneath and aim high. Keep your eyes on the ball as you direct it upward. Repeat 19 more times.

Smash serve practice

Practice your smash serve. Aim hard and low for just behind the opposite service box. Repeat 19 more times. Repeat from the other service box. Now try five smash serves where you speed the ball down the middle of the court (this will take an opponent by surprise). Repeat from the other service box.

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