Squash practice drills for the advanced player

Posted by on 2 September 2011 | 0 Comments

As your proficiency level in squash increases, you’ll be looking for practice drills that are more challenging and that really test your limits!

Here are some squash practice drills for players who have reached a more advanced level.

Down-The-Walls Drill

Ideally, the game of squash should be played in the areas between the side wall and an imaginary dotted line extending from the side of each service box.

The drill is to play sets of squash, but all shots must fall within the set areas. If a player hits a shot outside of the set areas, they lose the point.

For an even more advanced version of this drill, imagine the lines to be halfway across the service box, making the “hittable” areas very narrow areas along the side walls. You’ll see how difficult it is to play all shots into these narrow areas. However, this is really where the game of squash should be played.

On Your Toes Drill

Play squash sets with your squash partner. Both players must keep moving, bouncing on their toes, at all times. No stopping! You’ll see how much more energy this expends, but also how much easier it is to move to the ball if you are ready and poised to move.

Drop Shot Drill

To practise the drop shot, start from the right front corner. As you play shots, gradually move further down the forehand side of the court right to the back. It is helpful to have a squash partner to feed you the ball, but you can also do it for yourself, just by throwing the ball on to the front wall.

It is uncommon to play a drop shot right from the back of the court, but this is exactly why it is a good one to practice. If it is done well, it’ll be a winner, as it will have the element of surprise – your opponent will have been expecting a deep shot.

Repeat the drop shot practice on the left side of the court.

The SquashFit training and fitness program has a wide range of squash practice drills for beginners and advanced players alike.