Squash Injury Prevention - Internal and external rotation movements

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The one thing about squash players – and all racquet sport athletes for that matter, is that they are going to be at a high risk for shoulder injuries.

With each serve and hit they take, there will be stress placed on the shoulder girdle and over time, this can really add up. If you aren't careful to make sure that you are tending to the tendons and ligaments surrounding this joint, you may find yourself out of play entirely as you recover from an injury.

Two exercises that can help to combat this problem and strengthen the key muscles you need are the internal and external rotation movements.

Let's look at what these consist of.

Internal Rotation

The first, internal rotation, is going to help to strengthen the tendons and ligaments on the inside of the shoulder girdle so will be important whenever you're doing a serve. To perform it, simply lie on a flat bench with a lighter weight dumbbell in your hand so that the outside of the shoulder with the weight is facing the bench.

From there, slowly lift the weight upwards and into the body, moving away from the floor.

Note that some people prefer to do these using a resistance band and that's perfectly fine as well – whatever will be most comfortable for you to use.

Perform 15-20 reps of these before switching sides and repeating. Make sure that you perform an equal amount of reps on both sides to maintain even muscle strength levels.

External Rotation

Next, another exercise that you need to get into place is external rotation. This exercise is in much the same manner only now you're doing the opposite movement pattern. This time, lye on the bench with the non-weight holding shoulder against it.

Hold the weight in the other hand and then keeping the elbow pressed directly into the side of the body and bent at 90 degrees, lift the weight upwards towards the ceiling.

Pause when it's at the top of the movement and then lower back down to complete the rep.

Once again, be sure that you work both sides of the body equally.

So there you have the two very important should exercises you must be doing. Make sure you don't overlook these because you're too focused on primary strength movements.

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