Squash Fitness Drills - 3/4 drills to improve a player's game.

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Here are some squash fitness drills that will be sure to improve both your fitness level and your squash game.


Sprints are a fantastic way to increase your fitness for squash. Sprint from one side of the squash court to the other side of the court. Touch the nick (the join) between the wall and floor before your turn around. You can use your arms to help you with your balance. Repeat this back-and-forth across the court 20 times.

Once you get good at doing sprints, make the sprints run up-and-down the squash court, rather than side-to-side. It may not look like that much more of a distance, but you will really feel it. Drills up and down the court are much harder, but they’ll do even more for improving your fitness levels for your squash game.

Once you think you’ve mastered the above sprint drills, try this! Sit at the back of the court, looking at the back wall. Stand up, turn around to face the front wall, then sprint to the front wall, touch the front wall, then sprint back to the back of the court. Sit down again at the back of the court. Repeat 9 more times, but on your last sprint, lie down on your front rather than sit down when you make it to the back of the court. Now do 10 sprints starting in the lying-down position. On the tenth time you return to the back of the court, lie down on your back instead of on your front. Complete 10 sprints starting from this new position.

Off the court circuit

In between squash sets, set up some circuit stations off the court for your fitness training. A suggested set of exercises includes: Sit-ups, Skipping, Rest station, Star jumps, Wall-sit, Push-ups. Complete the circuit 3-4 times.

If you complete some circuits such as this on a regular basis (say 3 times weekly), you’ll notice a rapid increase in your fitness level, and your squash game will improve noticeably.

3 Marker Drill

This is how you set the markers up for the 3 Marker Drill. Stand at the T, facing the front wall. Take one full lunge forward, then reach out as far as possible. Place a racquet or other marker on the ground.  Place the other 2 markers in the same manner, so that you end up with a semi-circle of markers in front of you. Try to keep the markers as evenly spaced as possible.

Now the drill is to do reach out and do 3 touches of each marker 3 times, for a total of nine touches. Rest for 10 seconds then repeat. Time yourself, and try to beat yourself or your squash partner each time.

The aim of this drill is consistency of times, control of movement and lowering rest times between touches, so that you are able to repeat the same exercise at the same quality with less recovery time. This drill improves fitness and movement control.