Court Speed Training Routines

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Being able to cover the court at speed is essential to being an effective squash player. You need to be fast around the squash court so you can make it to the ball and be in position to play a great shot, then get quickly back to the T to be prepared for you next shot.

Aerobic exercise will improve the body’s muscle tone, and will improve the body’s capacity to absorb oxygen, so the body can work more efficiently. Greater aerobic fitness will mean greater speed around the squash court. Besides squash itself, suggestions for effective aerobic exercise include jogging, fast walking, and swimming. Continue for more than 20 minutes in order for the exercise to become aerobic. 

Large muscles impede mobility in squash, so don’t overdo it with weights training. Aim for lots of repetitions at low weights. The main body parts you want to strengthen in order to be faster around the squash court, are, of course, the legs.

Here are a couple of drills to help build up your speed on the squash court. 


Sprints are a good way to increase speed around the squash court. Sprint from one side of the squash court to the other. Touch the join between the wall and floor at each turn. Use your arms to help with your balance. Repeat this back-and-forth 20 times.

Advanced sprints

If you think you’ve mastered sprints, try these! Sit at the back of the court, facing the back wall. Stand up, turn to face the front wall, then sprint to the front wall, touch it, then sprint back. Sit down again at the back of the court. Repeat 9 more times, but on your final sprint, lie down on your chest rather than sit down when you return to the back of the court. Now do 10 sprints starting in the lying-down position. On the tenth time you return to the back of the court, lie down on your back instead of on your chest. Complete 10 sprints, starting from this position.

Forehand drive drill

This forehand drive drill is a good way to train for speed. Practice forehand drives down the right-hand wall. Start at the front of the court. Play the shot high toward the back of the court, then move to the back of the court and play the shot low to the front. Sprint back and forth to add speed training to this drill.

Backhand drive drill

Similarly to the above forehand drill, this backhand drive drill is great for building speed. Hit the ball low and hard from the back of the court so that the ball bounces at the front, then move to the front and play the ball gently to the back. Run back and forth between shots. Keep the ball close to the side-wall.

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