Squash Coaching Tips

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If you have been enjoying playing squash and have reached a rather high level (if you do say so yourself!), you might be thinking about conducting squash coaching. Coaching squash is a completely different ball game (pun intended!) from playing squash though. Becoming a squash coach requires commitment and dedication, and the completion of training courses and accreditation. Most squash coaches were previously very highly ranked squash players themselves.

Get some squash coaching yourself first to see what's involved. Look for a qualified squash coach at your local squash centre. Ask the centre staff and other squash players if there is a coach they can recommend. Talk to the local squash coach to see what their squash coaching experience has been in regards to demand, fee levels, costs, and so on.

Think about insurance. Depending on where you are located and also what the insurance is at the squash centre where you’ll be conducting the squash coaching, you may need to take out insurance so you’re covered in case any of your students sustain an injury during your coaching session. 

Find out about what squash coach training courses are available in your local area and what level of accreditation is required in order to conduct squash coaching. Check out official squash associations for details of training needed to become a squash coach. The official website of the World Squash Federation has a section on Coaching, and publishes comparative coach training levels for different countries.

For regional federations, see:


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