Solo Squash Drills for Training

Posted by on 17 August 2011 | 0 Comments

Don’t fret if your squash partner has called in sick. You can still get in lots of practice on your own. Solo practice is a great time to try out new shots and explore different ways to hit the ball, as well as perfecting your existing game. Here are some solo drills for you to try out.

Down the wall

Play shots straight down the wall, aiming to land the ball in the service box with both a low, hard shot and a high, soft shot. As your accuracy improves, decrease the target area from the whole service box to just a small spot. 


On the right-hand side of the squash court, play a straight shot then hit the next shot cross-court. Practice with both controlled, softly struck shots and low, hard shots. Repeat on the left-hand side of the court. 


From the front of the court, practice hitting forehand volleys to various parts of the squash court at different speeds. Repeat using the back-hand volley.

Advanced volley drill

From the front of the court, on the backhand side of the court, start volleying the ball back to yourself. Gradually move backwards, hitting backhand volleys, until you reach the back of the court. Then move to the forehand side of the court, and start volleying. Move forwards, still doing forehand volleys, until you reach the front wall.


Drop shot

Stand on the T. Throw the squash ball onto the front wall, then play a drop shot. Repeat. 


The serve is a great shot to practice solo. Practice a variety of serves from the right-hand service box – smash serve, lob serve, etc. Repeat from the left-hand service box.

Side walls

Hit the ball from one side wall to the other, with a bounce in between. Repeat drill using volleys from side wall to side wall. Once you’ve got pretty good at these, you can try again with walking up and down the court as you play the shots – this is harder!

Target practice

Try to hit the squash court door with your shots as many times as you can. Keep count of your score. If you miss the door target your score goes back to zero and you start counting again. Keep a record of your highest score so you can try to beat it next time! 


If you have access to a fit-ball, position the fit-ball just in front of the T. Balance yourself in a standing position on the fit-ball. Practice volleys, alternating from forehand to backhand on each shot. Time how long you can stay balanced on the fit-ball while volleying!

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