Resistance training exercises for squash

Posted by on 3 February 2014 | 0 Comments

Strengthening the body using resistance training exercises is one of the best ways to see accelerated performance levels while out on the court, so should never be overlooked.

Today we're going to address the back muscles that need to be strengthened as these will help to provide a foundation of strength to drive each serve forward. The stronger your back is, the more power you will have behind that swing.

Reverse Fly's

The first exercise to do is the reverse fly. This one is specifically going to hit the rear head of the deltoid, so while it technically is still a shoulder exercise, it's grouped as part of your back training as it's on the back side of the body.

These muscles will be critical to help you balance your shoulder as you take the swing and also for making sure that your shoulder is fully supported so it doesn't get disjointed when you happen to have a slightly off hit.

To perform this exercise, sit on a flat bench and then lean over the body holding a set of dumbbells below you. It's best to sit while doing this exercise rather than standing and bending over as you'll have less chance of hunching your back, which must be avoided, and will place more total focus on just the shoulder muscles.

Lift the weights up to the side of the body, pause there for a brief second when you're as high as you can go and then lower back down to complete the rep.

Perform this exercise in a very slow and controlled movement pattern. Far too many people swing the weight upwards, which just places excess strain on the shoulder.


The second exercise to include in your back workout routine is the row. The bent over row is a primary back builder and will also work the triceps, so is a real win-win.

When doing bent over rows, the main point here is to keep the back flat and never use momentum to carry you through the movement.

The minute you swing the weight upward, you take the stress off the muscles you want to work and will put yourself at risk for injury.

Use a slow and controlled movement pattern, thinking of squeezing straight from the shoulder blades.

So there you have the two primary back exercises to include. Do these along with your other upper body exercises twice per week for optimal results.

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