Off Court Conditioning for Squash

Posted by on 1 September 2013 | 0 Comments

Many squash players today are spending a great amount of time out on the court perfecting their game, but are doing very little when it comes to off-court conditioning.

If you hope to take your progress up one step higher however, it's vital that you not only focus on your techniques of play, but that you also work on specifically strengthening all the many muscles that are used during the game of squash so that you can see even better performance when you're out in action playing a game.

In addition to that, not only will strengthening these muscles help boost your performance, but they'll also help ensure that you stay injury free as well. Remember, all it takes is one wrong movement in a mere millisecond for you to be significantly injured and possibly even out of the game for a few weeks at minimum.

So take your off-court training seriously! With a simple set of dumbbells if you prefer a home gym or a full scale commercial gym setting, you can easily train all the important muscles in the body you need to accelerate your performance.

Today we're going to touch upon an exercise that will work one of the most important muscles that you'll be using during the course of your match, the quads.

Each and every time you step forward to hit the ball, you'll be calling your quads into play. Likewise, whenever you sprint after a ball, trying to reach it as fast as possible, the quads will be one of the primary drivers of that activity. As such, the stronger and more powerful they are, the faster and better you'll be able to attack the ball when needed.

So what can you do to strengthen the quads?

The first primary exercise is going to be the full squat. This is often referred to as the 'king lower body movement' because it is so effective for not only developing your quads, but also working the hamstrings, glutes, core, and lower back muscles as well. Basically, it's a full lower body workout in one powerful movement – precisely what you need to add to your training.

To perform the squat, you'll want to get into a squat rack with the barbell placed across your back, feet slightly wider than hip width apart, feet facing forward.

From there, slowly lower yourself down, bending at the knees until you are as low down to the ground as you can go. Pause there and then immediately press back up again to the full standing position.

The most important thing that you must do when executing this movement is go the full way down. Unless you have pre-existing knee pain to the point that it causes you pain, the lower you go, the more muscle activation you will gain from this movement pattern.

Also be sure as you perform this exercise that you don't begin to lean forward excessively either or you will be placing far too much stress and strain on the lower back joints.

Keep the head looking forward, if not slightly above parallel and you'll assume proper position.

So there you have the very first exercise that you can start doing immediately to become an even better squash player than you are now.

Always begin your workout routine with this movement because it is so intense and requires the most energy to execute.