Circuit training for squash beginners

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Squash circuit training is a great way for squash beginners to develop their skills, and to quickly increase their fitness levels!

Circuit training involves setting up a number of “stations”, each comprising a different activity. The squash player moves through the different stations, so a good range of activities are completed. This can also be done in a group, with a different player at each station.

Each station should have a duration of 60 seconds. This can be increased to 2 minutes as proficiency and fitness levels rise.

Beginners On-Court Circuit

Station 1. Volleys. Position the station in front of the service line on the left-hand side of the court. Alternate forehand and backhand volleys.

Station 2. Star jumps.

Station 3. Sprints along the back wall.

Station 4. Position the station in the front right-hand corner. Play soft drop shots tight to the side wall.

Station 5. Rest station.

Beginners On-Court Circuit 2

Station 1. Sprints up and down the left-hand side wall.

Station 2. Sit-ups.

Station 3. Set up the station in the back right-hand corner. Hit straight drives.

Station 4. Push-ups.

Station 5. Rest station.

Circuit off the squash court

Station 1. Skipping.

Station 2. Rest station.

Station 3. Wall sit.

Station 4. Jogging on the spot.

Station 5. Push-ups.

The SquashFit training and fitness program has lots of training circuits for squash beginners.