Ab workout for Squash Players

Posted by on 20 December 2013 | 0 Comments

In the last blog post, we spoke about two core exercises that you should consider adding to your strength training workout routine. As a squash player, it's going to be essential that you are maintaining strong core muscles because this is what will ensure that you are staying stable while out on the court and can easily react to any serve that comes your way without losing balance. 

Players who have weak core muscles will also often end up twisting into an awkward position and there's a high chance lower back pain will strike.

This is why spending a decent amount of time each week working your core muscles will really pay off. Additionally, the core muscles are also fast to adapt, meaning you need to constantly be changing things up in order to keep them fully stimulated.

Today let's talk about two more exercises to add to your plank and decline twisting sit-ups.


The bicycle is a good exercise to do when you don't have access to a decline bench or just need more variety. With this one, you'll simply twist from side to side with the upper body as you elevate the legs off the lower body, bringing the opposing knee up to meet the elbow as you go.

Make sure as you move through this exercise you do aim to keep the legs hovering over the floor as best as possible, never letting them drop downwards as that will take too much tension off the abs.

Only let the legs drop once you finish the exercise. This is another great one for hitting the obliques and will assure that you are able to twist in any direction needed to return the ball.

Lying Leg Raise

The second core move to get into your workout is the lying leg raise. This exercise is going to be great for working the lower abdominal muscles, which will help to keep you balanced and stable as you go about the game.

The primary point to know and remember with this one is to make sure that you are pressing the lower back into the floor as hard as possible. Never let it come up off the floor or you'll be placing the low back in far more strain than you should be.

Try and lower the legs as close down to the ground as possible as well before reversing directions and lifting back up again.

If you find that your abs are fatiguing and you're having a hard time keeping the lower back down, stop the exercise and rest before continuing on. This is one movement you never want to do using poor form.

So there you have two more must-do exercises to include in your workout routine. Alternate between all four of these on a weekly basis.

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