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7 Squash Stretches You Should Be Doing

It’s essential to stretch before hitting the squash court. Stretches increase flexibility and range of motion, and they warm up the muscles before play. Stretches are also the key to preventing a squash injury.

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Squash Tips for Beginners

A team mate regularly used to have a full roast dinner right before our competition matches. I don’t know how his dinner didn’t come right back up as soon as he started the warm-up!

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Squash Coaching Tips

If you have been enjoying playing squash and have reached a rather high level (if you do say so yourself!), you might be thinking about conducting squash coaching. Coaching squash is a completely different ball game (pun intended!) from playing squash though. Becoming a squash coach requires commitment and dedication, and the completion of training courses and accreditation. Most squash coaches were previously very highly ranked squash players themselves.

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